Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Dear Hobo bloggers, Hobo Erectus has moved here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Berlin in HD (high & drunk)

For my last birthday, I baught myself a little digicam. I never had one before and I got really excited about it. I just went to Berlin with the Antiz team and it was the first time that I had it on a trip. It's a miracle it didn't break considering the amount of alcohol and thc that was in my body while using it sometimes. I used that thing almost more than my video camera, I must have shot hundreds of pictures, it's quite fun and it gets really addictive. But another great feature about this little digicam, is that it also films in HD. I haven't wanted to get into HD yet, cause it's so fucking expensive and the cameras are so huge, they don't seem to be very practicle. But with this thing, I got an HD camera the size of a pack of cigarettes, and it's so easy to use : one single button to press, you can't even use the zoom while filming, great ! I like simple things. So here I put together a few things that I filmed with the Antiz dudes while in Berlin, in High(and drunk) Definition.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Antiz ad

A few weeks ago I did this short ad for Antiz. I didn't want to use any of the good stuff cause I'm keeping it all for the next Antiz video, so the tricks are nothing special. but I think The Sword makes it look pretty gnarly.

Friday, September 18, 2009

32 years young

For his 32nd birthday, Hugo is doing strictly Gturns.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

this is nicht normal

I'm off to Berlin tomorrow for yet another Antiz tour, so I can't tell when the next post is gonna be, therefore I had to leave you with a good one.

As you already knew from a previous post, I took a vacation to Vienna a few weeks ago. There I met with a bunch af locals, my hobo homies from the Yama crew. Now these guys are real hobos, just look at what they do for summer leisure activities, no comment...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

you talking to me ?

During my vacation, I spent a few days back in my hometown, Rouen. A lot of my old skate buddies are still living there, one of them being the one and only Charly Simon. Charly was getting quite a lot of coverage a few years ago, when he was living at the Antiz house in Lyon. If you never heard of Charly, you will find it pretty weird that this guy was hanging out with a bunch of punks or with the most sectarian of all, Nicolas Levet. But the thing is Charly is the most open minded, positive and friendly person I know, so you can't have anything but love for this guy. Unfortunately, knee injuries and the need to make a living took him away from the spotlights of skateboarding media. Today, Charly has moved back to Rouen and spends most of his time driving a taxi, but as soon as he's done with his cab duty, you can find him cruising at the skatepark or our main spot "Hotel de Ville", or even surfing the cold waves of the Normandy cost with his brother.
If you ever hail a cab and get picked up by this guy, it will either be the best or the worst ride of your life, depending on your music taste... HD bitches !

Charly's part in Toast 2 Toast.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Back in the Hoboffice. After Austria(where I did meet Muki), I was chilling back home in Rouen, my medieval hometown where internet is still considered science fiction...
To apologize for these 3 weeks of blog inactivity, I'm bringing you a very special one : the long awaited edit of the Antiz/Vans Oregon trip. For the non-french speakers, the title "Enfer Ouais" is the straight translation of the english expression "Hell Yeah!".

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm in Vienna, Austria, for a (not so)well disserved vacation. I went to skate this big concrete skatepark that they've had there for about a year and a half. I was just skating among a bunch of kids, when suddenly I heard someone calling my name. It was good old Stephan Sperka. After some greetings and a short talk about his recent kidney accident, he was flying all over the place. I hope I will bump into another beast, Muki, while I'm here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

affreux jojos

Joseph Biais is in town, with a big parisian crew. On their first day, we went to a bunch of spots in the Fondo area, and ended up at the famous skate-proofed plaza, where there is now a skatepark style flat bar, go figure... Anyway, we had a fun session, some bangers went down, and some good slams too.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Another chat conversation turned into an interview. This time with European Champion, Phil Zwijsen. To illustrate this interview, I put together some stuff I filmed that went into the Element Europe teaser, Travel Well. And I added a few things that they didn't use. Enjoy...

H.E : Yo King of Wood !
Phil : Yo waz up ? King of Hobo.
H.E : Chillin'. First time that i'm not at the King of Wood and you win.
Phil : Yeah of course, ehehehhe.
H.E : Same with Basel last year .
Phil : Maybe this is a sign.
H.E : Tell me when you go to a contest and I'll stay home.
Phil : Are you coming this year ?
H.E : No, so you have a good chance to win again.
Phil : Yes, ehehehhe ! I'm going to win, I told every body allready. How have you been my friend ?
H.E : Good, i was in Oslo last week, nice place.
Phil : With Gabeeb ?
H.E : Yep. Where are you ?
Phil : I'm in Paris, filming for the Vans video.
H.E : How is it ?
Phil : Not too good, I'm in the house and Paco's phone is off.
H.E : Bummer. Will you get the last part ?
Phil : No, i have 20 trick maybe. because I didn't go on all the trips.
H.E : That's a lot.
Phil : Thats true. No but I don't know, it's hard to film tricks, especially with the crazy team.
H.E : Who is there now ?
Phil : Every body left. Now it's me, Madars, Chris Vile and Sarah Meurle.
H.E : Only one filmer ?
Phil : No sometimes two, but its hard to film good shit.
H.E : Do they put pressure on you ?
Phil : No, but I know the deadline is coming and I have nothing compared to the rest.
H.E : When you come to Barca, we will film so that you and Bram get a part together in the Hobo video.
Phil : Aight .
H.E : That's gonna be some real pressure.
Phil : Ehehhe
H.E : Up at six every day.
Phil : Yeah.
H.E : Week ends too, only hammers.
Phil : Yeah thats the shit.
H.E : No dinner if you don't land the trick.
Phil : Hahahah, yes that's the spirit.
H.E : And you can't change the board until it breaks, it's a hobo rule.
Phil : Heeheh.
H.E : Same with shoes, there has to be a hole in both before you get new ones.
Phil : So there's going to be a hobo movie ?
H.E : Yep, Wiped Out
Phil : Wa wiped oit out ?
H.E : You know wipeout ?
Phil : No.
H.E : It's a surfing term, when the wave breaks on you and you eat shit.
Phil : ok, wiped out, that's the name for the video.
H.E : You should finish the Vans thing and seriously start filming for Wiped Out, it's more important for your career.
Phil : Heheh. I have to days left to film today and tomorow, and i try to call Paco and his phone is off, this is the style here.
H.E : Ha ha ! I feel bad for you, fucking stoners.
Phil : Yeah its like this, i'm waiting the whole day in the appartemet for nothing.
H.E : The deadline is in 2 days ?
Phil : No, but this is the last trip for me, then there is Basel and then till october there are Element trips for the video.
H.E : Busy busy...
Phil : I just wanna say fuck all that shit and go skate in a concrete skatepark. Last year I quit smoking and know because all this I think about smoking the whole day.
H.E : Don't do it, be strong, although Muki is gonna be pissed that you quit.
Phil : I saw him, I was on that Carhartt Yama trip for some days.
H.E : How was that ?
Phil : Cool, I hoped you would have come on that trip
H.E : It would have been fun for sure. I heard Bertrand got angry cause they were drinking all the time and no one was skating.
Phil : Yeah I know but I took Bram with us and he skated super good.
H.E : Hey man I gotta go.
Phil : Aight.
H.E : Good luck with the Vans dudes.
Phil : Yeah, they're all cool its just me. I have to stop being a pussy.
H.E : And if you win Basel, I want 10% for not being there.
Phil : Heheheh, ok 1%
H.E : Ok, just buy me a beer.
Phil : Ahhahahaha, 50 beers.
H.E : YES. Aight dude, see ya.
Phil : Jooop.
H.E : Don't smoke

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hey there hobos of the world ! It's been a while since the last post. I was in Oslo, Norway, staying at Gabriel Engelke's house with a small part of the Antiz team, filming for our next video. The Beeb doesn't have internet at his house, so it was impossible to blog from there. This is footage from a session we had at Hausmania, a super cool DIY skatepark in the center of Oslo. We went back to that place for a barbecue party with concerts and everything, but I was to busy skating to film anything that day. We need more places like this one.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Furo Ventura

Two days ago I went with Furones to Pep Ventura, the nearest spot to my house. After a couple of tricks, we got kicked out by this old man, who wasn't pissed about the skating, but about the fact that Julian was waxing the bench...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

more toast

Having posted Wieger's part from Toast 2 Toast the other day, I thought it would be a good idea to post the other parts from this video, which I think not many people have seen. So today I bring you Jeremie Villermaux's part. Jerem' is curently redoing the Soma website, and I am preparing another part of him with mostly stuff that we filmed when we both lived in Lyon, it should be out when the new site is done. Personal message to Jerem' : "skate more."

Monday, July 13, 2009

Furones interview

Hobo Erectus caught up with Julian Furones, to ask him a few questions about his pro status and check up on his self marketing skills.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bram !

Bram De Cleen has been a strong activist of the blog for a long time, an inexhaustible source of energy, motivation, and words(the man talks a lot). But since I started hanging out and filming with him, Bram has produced a lot more than just blog material. He needed to put together a part for his board sponsor, Nomad, so he called up all the filmers he had filmed with over the past few month, and collected all his footage(something not many skaters seem to be able to do). I mixed that together with the stuff that I already had, and here is the result.